The Carlsonics The Carlsonics

Who are the Carlsonics? On their self-titled sophomore album, not even the group themselves seem to be able to answer that. From Mudhoney to the Stooges and AC/DC, each track on this disc bares little of the band other than what was in their car stereo before they went into the studio. It’s not that they have produced a collection of song for song imitations; they’ve just inundated each track with other band’s atmospheres so strongly that their own ideas become secondary. Still, the album’s great raw production value and strong performances make it a worthy listen. Plus, the songs "Ice People” and "Fucked Up and Out of Line” are just great tunes if you can get past your pretension and rock snobbery. Overall, the Carlsonics just need to take that next step to the Vines and Burning Brides level, where plagiarism is charming. (Rykodisc)