Carla Bruni No Promises

Carla Bruni will unfortunately always be more synonymous with what she has accomplished non-musically, such as being a world-famous model and the rumoured third-wheel in the failed marriages of both Mick Jagger and Donald Trump, than for her highly underrated music career. Her last album, 2003’s Quelqu’un m’a dit, was sung exclusively in French, a captivating blend of acoustic guitar and nouvelle chanson that went on to sell 120,000 in Canada alone. Although far from spectacular, it was an admirable little gem of an album that most importantly, offered listeners something new. With the release of No Promises, Bruni is commercially playing with suicide. With hardly a French lyric spoken, which is sure to have some effect on the 1.2 million French that also bought her album, Bruni trades in her Jane Birkin summer dress for the bluesy country sounds of the South. Surprisingly, Bruni’s self-confessional, very honest lyrics are quite comfortable when backed up by light acoustic guitar nods and sparse, but fitting, brushed drums and keyboards. It is the sound of one of those great, nameless bar bands that sweep the floor at the end of the night while tears drown in beers. No doubt this album will garner great comparisons to Cat Power but for those fans who appreciate bedroom confessions over Memphis horns, a former Guess pin-up may just be your new greatest.

(Audiogram, (Audiogram)