Carl Newman Pens Theme Song for New Sitcom

Carl Newman Pens Theme Song for New Sitcom
While pop genius Carl Newman generally keeps himself busy between his solo career as A.C. Newman and his duties in the New Pornographers, sometimes the guy has a little inspiration left for other projects, like, say, writing theme songs for TV shows.

Pitchfork reports that the songwriter has penned the theme song for an upcoming NBC sitcom called Perfect Couples. The show stars Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn and, uh, the waitress from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

While the show will officially premiere January 20, a preview of Perfect Couples will apparently air December 20. Clips of the show are available online here, but none appear to feature Newman's new song. Here's betting it's super cheery.

Also, you may notice in the commercials that these couples are hardly perfect. Good. That would make for a pretty boring show.

UPDATE: Apparently, we may have jumped the gun on this one. Matador tells P4K that Newman's song has not been 100 percent confirmed for the show.

UPDATE 2: Perfect Couples premiered last night, and it did indeed feature a theme song penned by Carl Newman. You can hear it at Consequence of Sound, but only if you're inside the U.S. or if you are clever enough to work your way around endlessly frustrating geo-blocking.