Caribou's Dan Snaith Releases New Twelve-Inch as Daphni

Caribou's Dan Snaith Releases New Twelve-Inch as Daphni
Last month, Caribou mastermind Dan Snaith unveiled his new moniker, Daphni. At the time, he put out a mix featuring five new tracks recorded for the project. Soon after, he announced a split single with Four Tet. Now, Snaith has unveiled his latest Daphni release: a twelve-inch single featuring a pair of disco edits.

Functionally titled Daphni Edits Vol. 1, the release is coming out via Resista, a new label dedicated to edits and remixes. The listing over at Phonica says that it will contain two tracks, "Mapfumo" and "NPE," and you can already purchase the release.

According to the sales description, the former is a "mournful yet essentially upbeat afro-workout with some exquisite guitar melodies interlocking with the characteristic vocal. To be filed under 'Chimurenga', the Zimbabwean popular music genre based on traditional Shona Mbira music, but played with modern electric instrumentation and lyrics providing social and political commentary."

As for the B-side, it "delves even deeper into worlds unknown, with a re-fix of an ultra-obscure mid-80's Dutch outfit that sounds like the bastard European offspring of Liquid Liquid."

Confused yet? You can hear what this sounds like over at Phonica, as extracts from both tracks are currently streaming. Below, you can listen to the track from the Four Tet split, "Ye Ye."

Although we've been hearing a lot from Daphni lately, don't expect Snaith to give up on Caribou anytime soon. He recently revealed that he is working on the follow-up to last year's Swim.