Caribou Taps Fuck Buttons for Swim Remix

Caribou Taps Fuck Buttons for <i>Swim</i> Remix
If Caribou fans weren't pumped enough by the release of his monstrously good fifth LP, Swim, the following news should make their 2010 even better. Just as Caribou's blistering remix of Copenhagen dance poppers Oh No Ono's "Eleanor Speaks" emerges online, remixed tracks from Swim are slowly arriving, including a handful of reworks of lead-off single "Odessa." But as Caribou's Dan Snaith recently revealed to Exclaim!, that's not all.

"There's already one coming from Junior Boys ["Odessa"] and another one leaked from Nite Jewel [also "Odessa"] and there's one from James Holden coming soon," Snaith says. "And I think nobody knows this yet, but there's a Fuck Buttons remix as well."

Further probing reveals that the Fuck Button remix in question turns out to be a reworked version of Swim's dreamy think-piece "Kaili." And while Snaith was unsure when we'll get our chance to hear this new version of the track, if we're lucky, it will appear on a future Swim single sometime soon.

Along with talking up his remixing activities, which also involve a remix contest, Snaith shared his enthusiasm for his recently kicked-off tour, which includes a whopping 11 Canadian dates.

"We're on tour until the end of the year, which is exciting for me because I have this really bipolar life, which is being at home, working in isolation for a year and then the most extrovert lifestyle imaginable where I'm never at home, where I'm always meeting new people," Snaith says. "I look forward to both of those things."

Swim is streaming here on until April 26. You can download Junior Boys' "Odessa" remix here and Nite Jewel's version here.

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