Caribou Nearly Finished His Andorra Follow-Up

Caribou Nearly Finished His <i>Andorra</i> Follow-Up
Since winning last year's Polaris Music Prize with his 2007 album Andorra, Caribou mastermind Dan Snaith has been conspicuously quiet. Aside from a few live dates this summer, Snaith has made no attempt to capitalize on his rising profile. In new interviews with Stereogum and Eyeweekly, however, Snaith revealed the reason for his recent disappearance: he's spent the past year at home in London, ON, hard at work on his next full-length.

The new album will not be a huge departure from his previous sound, he says, telling Stereogum, "I was so happy with the way people reacted to Andorra, people seemed to love it by and large."

Nevertheless, the album will move away from the retro psychedelia of his previous record, as Snaith "[doesn't] want to be pigeonholed as the guy who makes a pastiche or homage to '60s music." Instead, he has incorporated a dance influence into the new recordings - a departure, he tells Eyeweekly, that was inspired by his alter ego Daphni (the moniker under which he recently remixed Cortney Tidwell's "Watsuii").

"At the time, I was thinking that Caribou would continue being this kind of psychedelic-pop vehicle and Daphni would be more club-based music," he says. "Subsequent to that, the two streams have joined together more, so we'll see what happens.

Despite his increased means, Snaith is writing and performing the entire album by himself, recording it in his own home. It's taken a year of hard work, but he estimates that the new album is 80 percent done and should be out by the spring.

As for non-musical endeavours, Snaith reveals that he and his wife recently went a trip to China to research more about Pu-erh tea. While on the trip, Snaith bought several Chinese instruments that will appear on the album.

Unfortunately, there is still no word on whether Caribou Vibration Ensemble's recent live sets will get an official album release.