Caribou 'Our Love' (album stream)

Caribou 'Our Love' (album stream)
Next week, beloved Canadian electronic musician and math whiz Dan Snaith will relaunch his Caribou project with a brand new album. Our Love will arrive on October 7 via Merge Records, but you can stop waiting and give it a spin now.

In a recent interview with Exclaim!, Snaith explained that the album was built on minimalism.

"My old records, which were less dance music-inflected, were crazily maximalist," he said. "I would just throw as many samples as I could get into the mix, so it's just this kind of cacophony going on."

For Our Love, the process was the opposite. "I began placing every sound really precisely, and being really judicious and careful about where everything's placed, thinking about what purpose every element serves," he said. "I feel like this is the record where I took that idea onboard the most."

Our Love is currently streaming in full on iTunes. Read our story on Caribou's new album here.