Carcass's Bill Steer Returns to Firebird for "Heavier" New Album

Carcass's Bill Steer Returns to Firebird for 'Heavier' New Album
Now that the whole reunion trip for gore grind granddaddies Carcass has calmed down, guitarist/vocalist Bill Steer has been able to get back to his current - and somewhat longstanding - blues rock outfit Firebird.

If you've not been keeping tabs, the British band celebrate a decade together this year. And to mark the momentous occasion, Steer, bassist Smok Smoczkiewicz and drummer Ludwig Witt have finally completed their fifth full-length album. It follows up Hot Wings, which has been fluttering around since 2006.

Dubbed Grand Union, the new album's 12 tracks were recorded and mixed in an expedient two weeks way back in May of 2008. The task was completed at Berno Studios in Malmö, Sweden, the same facility where Firebird's sophomore effort, 2001's Deluxe, was committed to tape.

Grand Union will see its North American release on June 23. As with its predecessor, Rise Above Records will handle the disc, which benefits from the label's recent distribution deal on this continent with Metal Blade Records.

"[It's] way heavier than the stuff from the last two records" says Steer about the album.

Grand Union:

1. "Blue Flame"
2. "Jack The Lad"
3. "Lonely Road"
4. "Fool For You"
5. "Silent Stranger"
6. "Release Me"
7. "Wild Honey"
8. "Gold Label"
9. "Worried Mind"
10. "See The Light"
11. "Four Day Creep"
12. "Caledonia"