Carcass Shed Light on New Album

Carcass Shed Light on New Album
Last week, goregrind legends Carcass announced that they were about to wrap up recording sessions for their first album in 17 years, and now the band have revealed more details about the impending set.

A new interview with bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker confirms that the as-yet-untitled LP should arrive sometime early next year, though the band have not secured a label for the release just yet. Though Carcass got back together in 2007 for some touring, this will be the first LP from the act since 1996's Swan Song.

While the outing will feature Walker and founding guitarist Bill Steer, it will not include guitarist Michael Amott or drummer Daniel Erlandsson (who had stepped in for original skinpounder Ken Owen on the reunion tour). Both players will stick to their main project Arch Enemy.

Instead, the record will be a three-person affair, with Trigger the Bloodshed's Daniel Wilding handling drum duties. "For live, we'll obviously add another guitarist," Walker told Decibel. "We have someone in mind, but we are not interested in a 'name' player." He added, however, that Owen could make an appearance on the LP.

The album was described by Walker as the "missing link" between 1991's Necroticism — Descanting the Insalubrious and 1994's Heartwork, though he noted the set isn't just a nostalgia trip.

"We've taken stylistic cues from all the albums because it's in our blood, but it's no rehash or mess of ideas," he said, adding, "I've jokingly christened some parts 'Trad Blast' and some 'Death Sleaze'... don't think for a minute this is just some nostalgic throwback album — we're setting up another 17 years of ideas for other bands to copy and clean up on."

While song specifics were scant, Walker said that the record will feature the first vocals on a Carcass record from Steer since Necroticism. As for his own vocals, Walker revealed that he spent a lot more time on his tracks, noting, "my own vocals have a hell of a lot more range than they did in the past solely down to the luxury of having time to record them — I did all the vox for Heartwork in two days and it shows!"

Carcass are also planning to tour in 2013, with shows already booked at the Maryland Deathfest and Chile's Metal Fest.