Caralee McElroy Leaves Xiu Xiu, Jamie Stewart Writes Haikus

Caralee McElroy Leaves Xiu Xiu, Jamie Stewart Writes Haikus
In disappointing news, long-time Xiu Xiu collaborator Caralee McElroy has announced that she's left the band after more than five years of involvement. In a statement from the band's publicist, Caralee simply said, "I have decided to stop playing in Xiu Xiu for personal reasons. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the last five years. Xiu Xiu are an important and amazing band, and will continue to be."

In response, Xiu Xiu front-man Jamie Stewart wrote some haikus, which we've left unscathed:

This is a sad note
oh that it were just a joke
ciao ciao McElroy

death is not the end
after five years of art rock
good night and good luck

will the sky fall down?

xiu xiu has lost caralee

no! xiu xiu for life

a last burst of noise!

she crushes the best stomp box

green russian big muff

i used to hate cats

but she showed me they are gods

meow caw caw caw!

she now drives a bus

she now is a cosmonaut
she now sells carrots

thank you for rolling

you will be missed near and far

thank you for rocking

While there is little other information from the band, they do promise a new album in 2010, and to tour "EVERYWHERE you have ever thought of," which presumably means they are touring Narnia, Neverland and even Imaginationland.