Car 44 Platinum Holes

Platinum Holes starts off with much energy and promise - the first couple of songs (particularly opener "Baby It's Me") seem to hint that this could turn out to be something special. But alas the momentum and potential falls by the wayside far too quickly as the rock clichés appear thick and fast. Even positive stuff like the powerful female vocals and menacing guitars begin to grate. And that's sad because there are some good songs here. Much of it seems to come down to the people responsible for writing the music. Let the bass player write and things are normally just fine, but as soon as the guitarist picks up the pen, you might as well flip a coin. Even the drummer gets in on the act (generally not the best idea) on what turns out to be one of the strongest tracks, "Fall 4 Me," so maybe they just need to be a little bit more democratic in the future. Car 44 might turn out to be one of those bands who have a few strong songs and can play a decent live show but their first album doesn't live up to any of the promise that rears its head from time to time. (Thirsty Ear)