'Captain Phillips,' 'Machete Kills,' 'The Right Kind of Wrong' and 'Bastards' Lead This Week's Film Roundup

'Captain Phillips,' 'Machete Kills,' 'The Right Kind of Wrong' and 'Bastards' Lead This Week's Film Roundup
Thanksgiving weekend is often a busy one at the box office. Once all the turkey is gone and the food coma has kicked in, there's no better leisurely family activity to take part in than hitting the theatre. Check out the latest edition of our weekly film roundup for reviews of the reviews films premiering this holiday weekend. Then, head over to our Recently Reviewed section for even more new film releases.

First up, Tom Hanks takes the titular role in the semi-biographical thriller Captain Phillips. The film depicts the controversial and current subject of East African piracy, but is its critique of globalization merely a superficial one? Read our review to find out.

Director and cowboy hat connoisseur Robert Rodriguez continues his unlikely Grindhouse spinoff franchise with the characteristically exploitative action film Machete Kills, while in the world of rom-coms The Right Kind of Wrong offers an unexpectedly affable viewing experience.

William Shakespeare's classic tragedy Romeo & Juliet has once again been adapted to film. Curiously, this Carlo Carlei-directed adaptation appears to add very little to the already extensive library of Shakespeare adaptations.

Finally, French film Bastards offers a sense of both intimacy and voyeurism within its cinematic composition. Rife with sensual and occasionally horrific imagery, the way this Claire Denis-directed film feels is often more important than what it says.

There are many more film reviews where these ones came from; check out our Recently Reviewed section for more.