Captain Murphy Reveals Identity as Flying Lotus

Captain Murphy Reveals Identity as Flying Lotus
Ever since mysterious, cartoony rapper Captain Murphy issued his incredible Duality, the quest to learn his real identity has been a big one. While names like Tyler, the Creator were thrown into the ring, the biggest guess fans had was that Captain Murphy was a side-project of beat-maker Flying Lotus.

Well, those fans were right, as Captain Murphy played his debut live show at the Los Angeles club The Airliner last night (November 28). A photo of the set, which can be seen above courtesy of Complex, clearly shows that it was FlyLo.

In response to the revelation, Flying Lotus (real name Steve Ellison) tweeted a simple "HahAhHAHaaha" before retweeting some Captain Murphy content.

Duality can be downloaded in its entirety here. If you want to do some remixing, the mixtape's instrumental tracks are available here.

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