Captain This is Hazelville

Befitting that this is a band of British origin, it might be interesting to talk about the word pap. Though it has many different meanings, the most oft-used one is the lowering of music to an almost crap-like level, thus Mozart is good music, while Clay Aiken would be pap. But, more interesting is the idea that pap is called that not for its lack of quality, but for its emptiness as art. It’s throwaway and somewhat empty and not worth attention, so while the music may be technically catchy and accomplished, its lack of artistic vitality renders it pap. In that sense, This is Hazelville is pap. Songs like "Glorious” and "Broke” bounce and sparkle with a bright beat and the harmonies are summery and fun, but there is hardly any argument to give that this music has artistic weight. Adding to the style over substance, producer Trevor Horn has buffed everything here to a ’80s pop shine, but with more guitars. Though they’re not as generic as their horrible band name, Captain know how to drill their way into your brain, but, at the end of the day it’s pap. But, maybe there’s a reason it rhymes with crap. (EMI)