Can't Miss Concerts for March 19 to 21

Can't Miss Concerts for March 19 to 21
Welcome to Exclaim!'s new weekly feature: Can't Miss Concerts. Each Thursday, we'll be picking your best bets for gigging in the cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, with the dreams, hopes and intentions of extending our coverage to other concert-going cities and towns across Canada. So, if you're in any of those three cities this weekend, take us up on our suggestions and see if we're right.


Thursday, March 19
Forget what writer Keith Carman said and go check out this heavy triple bill.

Mantic Ritual
$26 at Plaza Club

Friday, March 20
Some homegrown talent is your best bet (unless you think En Vogue still have it), especially a dynamic line-up including Vancougar and Ghost House.

Ghost House
The Safety Show
$10 at The Anza Club

Saturday, March 21
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's (pictured) new single has me thinking from here on in he'll be an unstoppable pop sensation. Go see for yourself.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
$13 at The Media Club


Thursday, March 19
It's impossible not to recommend an event called Honky Night In Canada II, so why resist?

The Hangovers
Proof of Ghosts
Easy Targets
$6 at Silver Dollar Room

Friday, March 20
We put them on the cover back in December and now Cut Copy are returning to prove that wasn't a fluke. The jubilant Matt & Kim are also on the bill, a definite don't miss.

Cut Copy
Matt & Kim
$15 at Circa Nightclub

Saturday, March 21
Surfer dude and former Slowdive head honcho Neil Halstead returns once more to rock fans gently with his sweet acoustic and impressive catalogue of solo and Mojave 3 material.

Neil Halstead
$20 at Drake Hotel Underground


Thursday, March 19
Screamo is pretty popular with the kids, so this one's for the children.

Norma Jean
$25/$28 at Club Soda

Friday, March 20
While I'm very, very tempted to tip the Britney Spears Circus stop, I feel it's probably best to give Stereo Total the nod, seeing as they're always so bloody bizarre.

Stereo Total
Leslie and the Ly's
$18/$22 at Le National

Saturday, March 21
Seeing as it's held at Montreal's Science Centre, I can only assume seeing Matthew Dear in a setting that involves an IMAX screen is definitely a special night indeed. Especially considering how many different cards this electronic maestro deals.

Matthew Dear
Death By Analog
$20/$25 at Telus Theatre