Cannon Bros.

The Good Will Social Club, Big Fun Festival, Winnipeg MB, January 29

Cannon Bros.The Good Will Social Club, Big Fun Festival, Winnipeg MB, January 29
Photo: Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell
The Cannon Bros. have kept busy: recording and working on new material for their delayed sophomore album due out sometime this spring; playing in other bands (Human Music); and dealing with transitions in life. As such, it's been nearly nine months since the band have played locally.
Debuting a string of unreleased tracks that will be part of the new album, anticipation for this show was running high and there was a nervous energy you could feel from the unassuming duo as they took the stage. Despite not playing any live shows recently, their stripped-back melodies, slacker pop sensibilities still shone through. Tracks like "Can't Sleep," "July" and "Almost Perfect," which featured Alannah Walker on guitar and vocals (Cole Woods handled the drums), retain the earnest and uncomplicated feel of the group's older material.
There has never been anything overly complex about the Cannon Bros. and that's always been part of their appeal. They write the type of songs you find yourself thinking about the next day, trying to relate to lyrics that touch on feelings of infatuation, love and other matters of the heart. Judging from tonight's show, the group have avoided the dreaded sophomore jinx and have put together a solid batch of new songs.
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