Candy Claws Talk Gear-Destroying Car Fire

Candy Claws Talk Gear-Destroying Car Fire
Just yesterday (July 13), we reported that Colorado dream poppers Candy Claws had quite the surprise while they drove through the state of Pennsylvania three dates into their first North American tour. In a nutshell, their car unexpectedly caught fire and burnt to a crisp.

Exclaim! caught up with singer/songwriter Ryan Hover, who is still somehow on the road, to see just how such a thing could happen.

"Marty was driving on I-76, felt a bump and the engine lost power," explains Hover. "He pulled over and within ten minutes the entire car was on fire. So cool! No warning lights, it was totally unexpected. Our car just exploded."

It's nice to see the band can keep such a positive outlook on such a dire situation. As Hover points out, the band are lucky in a way.

"It could have exploded in a tunnel, which would have been worse," he says. "It could have put black smoke all over the windshield first thing and sent the car over a cliff and then exploded. The timing was lucky because it only exploded on the side of the road, on a sunny day. As for the tour, we're still wondering how to get around after we return this van to the wonderful, generous Halversons in Pennsylvania."

Hover also says the incident allowed the band to discover some places they may not have visited, had their car, y'know, not exploded into flames.

"We just two missed shows: Pittsburgh and DC," Hover says. "But really, it's been great. We got to hang out at a summer camp in PA, and a beautiful farmhouse with a lily pond and a forest and a giant Newfoundland named Jackson. They loaned us a van to get to NY. Here we are!"

As previously reported, the band lost virtually everything. So when they come rolling into town, don't expect them to be decked out in their custom-made matching headbands.

"The headbands are now floating around in the air above Pennsylvania as dispersed smoke. [But] we'll make some new ones."

If you would like to donate money to help the group replace their equipment, you can do so over at Twosyllable Records' website. If you still want to gawk at photos of the totalled car, they're up on Facebook.

Candy Claws' new album, Hidden Lands, will be released on Twosyllable Records on August 3.