Candy Claws Lose Their Gear in Massive Car Fire

Candy Claws Lose Their Gear in Massive Car Fire
Here's a cautionary tale for any aspiring indie bands: before you go out on tour, make sure to give your vehicle a tune-up. Wall-of-sound indie rockers Candy Claws learned this lesson the hard way, as their car recently burst into flames on the highway while on tour in Pennsylvania.

According to the band's label, Twosyllable Records, the group "noticed something wrong and left the car just before it burst into flames!" In post on Candy Claws' Facebook, they write, "Our car caught fire in Pennsylvania, destroying all of our gear, most of our cds and other merch, Riley and Marty's everything, Kay and Meghans clothes, and tons of electronics, gps, computers, cameras, video camera, recorder."

This news come just a week after Candy Claws' solid performance at the Drake Underground in Toronto. With all of their gear and many of their possessions burned to a crisp, the band are going to take a major financial hit. On the bright side, the band members came away from the fire unscathed.

If you would like to donate money to help the group replace their equipment, you can do so over at Twosyllable Records' website. If you want to gawk at photos of the totalled car, get your fix on Facebook.

Candy Claws' upcoming album Hidden Lands is due out via Twosyllable on August 3. You can see the band's ongoing North American tour dates here, which seem to all be going ahead as scheduled.