The Candles Between the Sounds

The CandlesBetween the Sounds
Josh Lattanzi has finally stepped out of Ben Kweller's shadow to front his own band. He's invited Jason Roberts, Matt Pynn, Alex Levy and Pete Caldes to join him in forming the Candles. Between the Sounds may very well be a descriptive title for their debut; Lattanzi isn't breaking new ground. You can sense the influence of those he's worked with over the years, including Evan Dando (the Lemonheads). The record fuses '70s rock with early '90s Lemonheads; just imagine a rockier, rootsier Gin Blossoms interspersed with Tom Petty-inspired balladry ― more pop than jangle. It's not exactly obvious whether the aura of restraint present in the performance and in the album's production is purposeful. The 12 tracks amble along, never cutting loose the way you wish they would. Songs such as "Here or Gone" and "Let Me Down Easy" make you pine for stormier percussion and dynamic guitar playing, but there's more than enough flicker in the light of this album and in the reputation Josh Lattanzi has built for himself to suggest that the Candles have what it takes to set your heart on fire. For now, let's just say Between the Sounds would be more appropriate music for a diner than a bar. (The End)