Candiria The Process of Self Development

One of the new breed of bands both redefining the world of aggressive music and being utterly uncompromising in their delivery and vision. Candiria’s latest release (and first for MIA), is by far their most ambitious project to date. Combining a number of influences, from death metal to salsa, jazz and straight hip-hop, Candiria is quickly cementing their reputation as a unique creative force. Virtually unrecognised in many of the extreme musical circles for years, Candiria gained notoriety in the hardcore community and now seems poised to garner the recognition they so rightly deserve. The Process of Self Development is a flawless display of divergent musical styles with better production than previous Candiria releases. Whether it is running through a gambit of death, rap or jazz, Candiria never sound like a band reaching beyond their means. Every style they perform or reference sounds as authentic as the next; that, and their flawless musicianship are the reasons why Candiria can pull this off without sounding schizophrenic. (MIA)