Cancers Fatten the Leeches

Cancers Fatten the Leeches
Just in time for the return of plaid this fall, Athens, Georgia's Cancers deliver a solid release that sounds like you wish new releases from all your favourite '90s alt-rock bands would.

Grunge-production pro Endino creates a forcefield of vibrant, sonic sound, from the low rev leading into the urgent "Hole in My Head" and the shimmering reverb on "I Change" to the addictive hooks throughout "Moral Net." The sharpness, without compromising on the fuzz factor, may be the only obvious giveaway that Fatten the Leeches wasn't released 20 years ago.

The whammy action makes tracks like "Punxlose" sound like Siamese Dream-era Pumpkins with a badass, breathy chick singer a la Veruca Salt who sounds more like Courtney Love on "Dig" and Shirley Manson on "Sick." Cancers channel their appreciation for the Rentals and NOFX, too, through guitar work and songwriting that is tight and uncomplicated but far from lazy.

Those both nostalgic and craving something new can thank Cancers for transporting them back to the mid-'90s without any heavy-handed moodiness. Due to the integration of lighter pop-punk elements, this homage to grunge stands apart enough to hold its own. (Kandy Kane Records / Dead Broke Rekerds)