Cancelled Necro Show Causes Riot in Vancouver

Cancelled Necro Show Causes Riot in Vancouver
A recent show by aggro rap head Necro got downright out of hand in Vancouver over the weekend. According to reports, police were forced to storm the city's Richard's on Richards nightclub Saturday night (March 21) after concertgoers began rioting when the NYC MC failed to show up for his performance.

Apparently, the crowd had been waiting for hours to see Necro only to find out late in the evening that he would not be performing due to travel delays and would have to reschedule the show for Sunday (March 22), ABORT Magazine reports. This bad news quickly erupted in violence, leading many in the crowd to begin throwing glasses, bottles, tables and chairs at the stage, where the DJ still stood.

The Vancouver police department was reportedly called in and forced to usher the angry patrons outside, where shouts of "police brutality" rang out as the police allegedly slammed Necro fans to ground and used what ABORT calls "unnecessarily violent tactics." In the scuffle, one security guard at Richard's was sent to hospital after receiving a deep gash on his head from being hit by a glass bottle, the magazine reports.

After Vancouver police eventually dispersed the crowd, Necro's publicity team issued the following statement:

Necro's vehicle broke down on way from Calgary. It took six hours to fix, and they were on route to arrive at 12:45 a.m. with enough time to complete his set when they hit the mountains, the existing weather conditions placed their arrival at after 2 a.m. (curfew is 2 a.m.).

When we all discovered that, we had a refund plan worked out for those who couldn't attend a make up show, and we were on the phone trying to reschedule as early as tomorrow at Richard's, but some people decided to ruin chances of the make-up date because Necro's vehicle broke down and they needed to blame someone.

We had the ability to offer refunds on the spot but that opportunity to do so was ruined for no good reason. Richard's doesn't wish to host the show after the way people acted. There was an opportunity for everything to get resolved smoothly, but some people didn't care for that to happen so they started shit.

Necro will post a statement once he gets through the mountains and can get net access.

As of yet, Necro has yet to comment.