Canadian Virgin Fests Cancelled for 2010

Canadian Virgin Fests Cancelled for 2010
A lack of available acts and worries surrounding ticket sales have led to the cancellation of the Virgin Mobile Music Festival across Canada this summer.

Last year's V-Fests were plagued by a number of issues: Toronto's edition undersold tickets after it was bafflingly held in Orillia, an hour north of the city, while Halifax's headliners, the Tragically Hip, dropped out at the last minute. But the Globe and Mail reports that reasons for cancellation came independent of past problems.

"Those kinds of things, logistics stuff, are not the kinds of things we really pay attention to because that's pretty standard, every event comes with its own challenges and issues," said Nathan Rosenberg, chief marketing officer for Virgin Mobile. "The economy was a factor in deciding not to stage the shows this summer, as were scheduling conflicts with preferred headline acts."

The tour isn't cancelled indefinitely, but no V-Fests will happen in 2010.

Instead, Virgin Mobile is sponsoring a number of free concerts in Toronto and Montreal, including shows by Iggy Pop and the Stooges and Bedouin Soundclash. And, um, Karl Wolf and Faber Drive. Thanks?