Canadian Music Takes the Spotlight At Dutch Festival Le Guess Who?

Canadian Music Takes the Spotlight At Dutch Festival Le Guess Who?
When you think of cities hosting Canadian music fests, Utrecht isn’t one that typically comes to mind. Yet that hasn’t stopped two Dutchman from starting their very own Canadian-inspired festival in the Netherlands, which is set to kick off its second year today (November 27).

Appropriately dubbed Le Guess Who?, the festival is the musical brainchild of Johan Gijsen and Bob van Heur, two dudes who just really love Canadian tunes.

On the Le Guess Who?’s website, Gijsen and Heur explain: "When we started in 2007 with the idea for Le Guess Who? it was mostly out of inspiration and admiration of the creative Canadian music scene, which at that point definitely brought us to a new-sounding group of artists. Artists which on one hand were part of the pop music scene and on the other hand completely autonomous in their way of creating music/art.”

This year the festival, which runs from today until November 30, will be bringing such Canadian acts as Melissa Auf der Maur, Hayden, the Stills, Land of Talk, Think About Life, Fred Eaglesmith and Shalabi Effect, among others, to Utrecht. Also, this edition of the festival has invited a few of our American cousins along, such as Beach House and Jana Hunter.

To see the full listing of bands playing Le Guess Who? and to learn about Canada’s very own music fest in the Netherlands, you can visit the festival’s website here.

Hayden "Trees Lounge”