Cam'ron "All Dat There Mine" (ft. Gunplay and JuJu)

Cam'ron 'All Dat There Mine' (ft. Gunplay and JuJu)
The ever busy Dipset rapper Cam'ron spent 2014 delivering a new EP on the first of the month. The sixth EP in the series arrived earlier this week, and if you haven't picked it up yet, the Harlem rap great has shared a little taste with "All Dat There Mine."

The track's another triumphant brag-rap anthem well-suited to Cam's career. It also sees him trading lyrical boasts with MMG mainstay Gunplay alongside JuJu. Built on hard-hitting beats and rolling samples, it's another timeless track from the rap great.

Listen to "All Dat There Mine" below. 1st of the Month Volume 6 is available now on iTunes.