Patronage & Pork

CamboPatronage & Pork
Brooklynites Cambo (a.k.a. Cam Curran) and Phil "PT" Tortoroli curate Styles Upon Styles, one of the freshest underground labels in the land; they're also rumoured to be behind the Fossil project, whose Ancram tape on Further Records is a mind-bending spool of noisy space exploration. Cambo himself unleashed his debut — the mesmeric Resonant Yaw — for Further back in 2013 and is ready to fry minds and fill dance floors again with his gritty urban-influenced electronic sounds, this time for West Virginian tape imprint Crash Symbols. 
Patronage & Pork finds Curran relying more on fresh beats and devious hooks and less on cerebellum-shattering noise freak-outs than he has previously. The noisy bass of "Better Husbandry" is tamed by the track's minimal rhythm, and the fried synths found on "Self-Help" are laid to rest by a dubbed-out groove. "Typhoid Mary" is club music for noise fanatics, while "Gunmetal" is experimental hip-hop. Those who have been missing out on Cambo's explosive productions (along with the entire Styles Upon Styles catalogue) are certainly doing themselves no favours; Curran is a force to be reckoned with, a leader in the production of adventurous electronic sounds. (Crash Symbols)
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