Calum Slingerland '#ViewsFromTheSmiths' (Drake x the Smiths mash-up mixtape)

Calum Slingerland '#ViewsFromTheSmiths' (Drake x the Smiths mash-up mixtape)
Started from this tweet, now we here.

Exclaim! Senior Editor Stephen Carlick put out an open call for a Drake and Morrissey mash-up and our production assistant Calum Slingerland met the challenge with enthusiasm, producing #ViewsFromTheSmiths.

The seven-track offering brings together the work of the lovelorn songwriters in ways you didn't know you needed to hear. It opens with "How Soon Is Now"/"Find Your Love" mash-up "I Am Human and I Need to Find Love" and only gets more intricate from there.

Stand-outs include "Stop Me If You Think That I've Told No Lies" featuring 2 Chainz and "This Charming Cake," with some guest help from Jay Z.

Melding the sonically contradictory, but equally mopey musicians' work together was no easy task, but one made, um, smoother by the addition of abundant air horns. Give the project a listen below.