Call Super / Shanti Celeste DKMNTL-10YEARS02

Call Super / Shanti CelesteDKMNTL-10YEARS02
Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Amsterdam label Dekmantel commissioned a 10-part EP series that calls on an impressive list of prominent tastemakers in electronic music to contribute work. As the second instalment in the Dekmantel 10 Year EP Series features Berlin-based producer Call Super, otherwise known as Joe R. Seaton, and Shanti Celeste.
Call Super's "Fluenka Spoke" is a celestial techno epic. Its percolating arpeggios move the track from its languid, ambient-leaning overture into the interstellar heights of its climax. An elastic bass hook drives the track, as Call Super's signature eclectic taste in ornamental synths embellish the groove. Shanti Celeste's "Hinoki" opens up like a more functional tool by contrast, but it boasts unexpected depth as the track opens up. The rhythm section relies on wooden blocks as often as it does conventional kicks to maintain a steady and unrelenting pace.
Both tracks privilege texture over rhythm, but as you'd expect from any Dekmantel affiliates, Call Super and Shanti Celeste also maintain an assured grasp of the dance floor alongside their diverse and sonic offerings. (Dekmantel)