Call of the Void Dragged Down a Dead End Path

Call of the VoidDragged Down a Dead End Path
Colorado's Call of the Void knock it out of the park with debut LP Dragged Down a Dead End Path, recorded by Andy Patterson (Gaza, Iota, INVDRS) at the Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, UT. Combining elements of grind, punk, sludge and hardcore into their dynamic and diverse sound, the quartet have unleashed ten songs of unrelenting ferocity. Gordon Koch's brilliant drum work is showcased throughout, beginning with "Failure," which features powerful rhythms and inhuman, speedy fills. Fast, abrasive crust riffs and howling vocals also impress, as "Theory of Mind" and "Napalm Lungs" scream raw, dissonant powerviolence. Highlight "Endless Ritual Abuse" slows down the pace with groovier riffs and steady drumming while vocalist Steve Vanica screams with dominant force. Call of the Void borrow heavily from their various influences, pulling apart aspects of Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, His Hero is Gone, Neurosis and Converge, fusing them into a style that's akin to a more punk rock Gaza or Trap Them. With an exceptionally dismal sound, and artwork by Anthony Lucero to match, Dragged Down a Dead End Path is set to be one of the best aggressive releases of the year. (Relapse)