Call of the Void AYFKM

Call of the VoidAYFKM
Denver, CO's Call of the Void return with a revamped line-up for their new EP, AYFKM, which features five intense and diverse tracks combining sludge and grind with punk and hardcore elements, layered with some rock'n'roll grit. AYFKM — which follows 2015's Ageless — is short for Are You Fucking Kidding Me, and like its title suggests, it exudes fury and indignation sparked by the status quo.
The EP crushes from the start, as "Get in the Van" begins with noisy feedback and fuzzy tones that build up to a heavy doom-esque riff before kicking into a speedy, punk rock-tinged whirlwind. The short and not so sweet title-track is a ferocious, groove-filled rager, while "Throwing Bullets," powerful and unrelentingly visceral throughout, picks the pace back up.
Call of the Void revert back to slow and steady, oppressive rhythms with "On and On" before closing the EP with a varied mix of catchy hooks and destructive dissonance on "Never Enough." While the new material still rings true to Call of the Void's distinct style, AYFKM showcases a rejuvenated band that are now a much stronger, tighter and more dynamic unit. (Translation Loss)