Calgary's Sabertooth Are Making Light of a Shitty Situation On Debut LP

Calgary's Sabertooth Are <i>Making Light of a Shitty Situation</i> On Debut LP
Though they don't make for hipster-friendly blog buzz, Calgary's Sabertooth hit the sweet spot between pop punk and hardcore, playing a style that combines elements of Jawbreaker and Lifetime for a sound that makes it feel like summer all the time. Fittingly, this summer they will take over North America with the release of their debut album and a subsequent tour.

The record is called Making Light of a Shitty Situation and was self-produced by the band. Song titles like "Idiots, Simpletons and Assholes" and "Whatchasmokingmydartfor?" suggest this will be the sort of record that will have you grinning from start to finish.

Making Light of a Shitty Situation will be released via Ontario's No Contracts Just Trust Records on June 21. A pre-order for the album is available here, while three tracks can be streamed below.

Sabertooth will bring their shitty situation across North America on a huge tour this summer that will include dates all over the United States and Canada. The tour is still being booked, so keep an eye on the group's MySpace for more info as it becomes available.

Making Light of a Shitty Situation:

1. "Crushing Seconds"
2. "Alien"

3. "Weasel Kid"
4. "Whatchasmokingmydartfor?"
5. "Ripe n' Rot"
6. "See Ya in Bridgeland"
7. "Space Brain"
8. "Perfect 10"
9. "Idiots, Simpletons and Assholes"
10. "Habitual Habits"
11. "Vitamin D"