Calgary's Jenny Sign with Sudden Death Records for 'Love & Politics'

Calgary's Jenny Sign with Sudden Death Records for 'Love & Politics'
Calgary-based folk punk quartet Jenny have developed a small fanbase in their own city, but they'll soon reach a much wider audience with a new record deal via Vancouver punk imprint Sudden Death Records.

According to label head and former D.O.A. frontman Joe Keithley, his relationship with Jenny was love at first sight. He offers the following statement in a press release:

I shared a stage with Jenny last year at The Palomino in Calgary; I had no idea what to expect. An hour later I knew that they were the best live band I had seen in years. The sheer raw energy and spontaneous fun they generated was amazing; when you combine that with their stellar songwriting and the vibe between them and the audience, there was only one choice. As soon as the show was over I offered to sign them to the label.

Jenny will release Love & Politics, their debut album with the label, on May 14. The tracklisting is available below and the cover art is above.

Love & Politics:

1. Gospel Of City Lights And Pavement

2. News Becoming Entertainment

3. Heartache

4. How Far Can Things Go?

5. I Think I Like You

6. Some Love Dies

7. Reasons For Love

8. Two Molecules

9. The Middle

10. Fade Away

11. Shit That Matters