Calcedon 'Echo In' (album stream)

Calcedon'Echo In' (album stream)
Hamilton's Calcedon is the electro-pop project of Brielle Goheen, and she'll release her debut album Echo In next week. Ahead of its release, though, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive early listen to the album in its entirety.
"My journey to this project has been one of engaging the broken things in my life — the crumbling of relationships, youth, simple faith, self-reliance, and guileless trust — and looking failure square in the eyes," Goheen tells Exclaim! "This is where Calcedon was birthed — gazing at brokenness long enough to find hope in the midst of decay and beauty in the dissonances of life. And in these moments made of shattered glass, when fears become reality and the pieces are scattered in a thousand parts, prisms are formed that reflect a fuller spectrum of light."
That push and pull between darkness and light, brokenness and healing plays out across the record's six songs. From the bright, upbeat opener "Sparrow" to the slower, solemn soundscapes of "Bravest Voice" to the experimental ambience of "Ice in the Desert," Goheen takes listeners on a journey through a wide scope of sounds and emotions.
Listen in for yourself below. Echo In is officially out on March 25.