CAIRO "A History of Reasons" (video)

CAIRO "A History of Reasons" (video)
When Toronto combo CAIRO announced their album A History of Reasons, they did so with a dramatic trailer showing wordless chants and a solitary figure walking through nature. Now, they've expanded on that via the proper video for the album's title track.

"A History of Reasons" is a solemn, cinematic anthem with group-sung "ooh-na-na" refrains that give way to earnest crescendos of echoing guitar and impassioned crooning. The accompanying clip, directed by Czlowiek Kamera, captures the drama with lots of slow-motion shots of people walking through wide-open landscapes. The tension grows as the song builds towards its climax, as some of the shots depict war or slo-mo violence.

Watch it for yourself below.

For a bit more understanding on "A History of Reasons," the band explain: "The song itself speaks to the endurance of the cyclical existence of the human race, the current concepts of karma, and the excuses we make for ending up in the same scenario's we have been repeating for thousands of years; also known as the 'problem-reaction-solution' scenario in certain fringe circles."

A History of Reasons will be out on January 20 on MapleMusic Recordings.