Caesura Wallpaper The Witness

I’m a sucker for drums that sound like garbage cans being hurled against a metal wall. The car crash drum aesthetic that works so flawlessly for bands like Shellac, Weights & Measures and Don Cabellaro is put to use on Caesura’s second full-length, making Wallpaper The Witness an in-your-face affair from beginning to end. And this San Francisco-based trio not only sound great, (thanks to engineer Aaron Prellwitz) they’ll make you dance too. For those of us disappointed that the recent wave of dance punk sounds more like the Cure than Gang of Four, Caesura have come to pay homage to the real heroes of the genre. Evan Rehill’s vocals often sound like David Byrne on speed and his guitar playing is a wonderful mishmash of hammer-ons, staccato picking and all-out noise. All the while, bassist Brad Purvis and drummer Mike Shoun play their game of rhythm tag behind him, resulting in a complete package that blows your favourite death disco record right out of the water. Sure, there are a lot of these bands lately, but Caesura is easily one of the best. (Birds Go South)