Cadaver Inc. Discipline

Cadaver was an old death metal band from the early '90s. Cadaver Inc. is brainchild of Cadaver guitarist Anders Odden. It sounds like Odden has progressed with the times, as Cadaver Inc. doesn't give us the outdated death metal one might expect, but rather a death metal-tinged black metal sound. What separates Cadaver Inc. from the legions of goofy sounding second generation black metal bands is a genuine feel; they're not forcing up lyrics about Beelzebub in a silly sounding voice, the drums aren't triggered to hell and the music is actually heavy. At times, it does slip into an early '90s sort of feel before raging back at us at almost Emperor-quality black metal. However, unlike Emperor, there is nothing in Cadaver Inc.'s songs to make you really remember them when it's all said and done - it is just a flurry of icy cold riffs that sort of sting your face and move along. It's not mind blowing, and it's not breaking new ground, but it sounds good, really good put up against 90 percent of the black metal bands of today. (Earache)