Cable Never Trust a Gemini

It seems that with the terrible trio known as Cable, every time they release a new album, they break up. Scheduled for an "indefinite hiatus” after this release, Never Trust A Gemini may be Cable’s swansong or just another suicide-inducing record in their canon of work, time will tell. Cable have always possessed the ability to connect on an emotional level to the negative, harsh and ugly plaguing the broken, and when Cable’s singer yells, "I’m crawling to Tennessee over 10,000 broken dreams,” in the crushing, Sabbath-ian Southern doom of album opener "Tennessee,” you believe him, and feel it. Such has always been Cable’s gift through their various negative musical permutations, now seemingly settled on sludgy, slow, Southern doom rock cruelty, and also their curse; wonder why they go on indefinite hiatus so much? It isn’t because of their well-adjusted, cheery dispositions. Still, after the toned-down Skyhorse Jams, which, true to its name, was more jam than discord, Cable recapture the ruin and gloom of their last Hydra Head full-length, Northern Failures, if not the production, and plough through nine songs of despair, condemnations and declarations like a junky crawling through broking glass. If this is Cable’s finale, to quote Kyuss, "it’s so sad to see you go, I just thought I’d let you know.” (Devil Doll)