C. Spencer Yeh & Paul Flaherty New York Nuts & Boston Beans

As Burning Star Core, violinist, vocalist and electronics wizard C. Spencer Yeh grinds sound into a fine pulp, reassembling the remains into complex aural constructions. Recently, this noisenik has been associating with such jazz-based heavy hitters as saxophonist Paul Flaherty and rubber-limbed drummer Chris Corsano. New York Nuts & Boston Beans is the first recorded output from the Yeh/Flaherty axis without the assistance of the octopus-like skin pounder. Comprised of two sessions, the latter of which finds trumpeter Greg Kelley lending a hand (and mouth), Nuts & Beans is a frenetic romp. Yeh's skittering violin and guttural vocalizations, akin to those of Paul Dutton, wrap tightly around Flaherty's skronking sax, so much so that there is no deciphering who is making what noise. When Kelley involves himself in the fray, the energy becomes almost unbearable. One can only imagine the level of destruction had Corsano been involved. (Important)