A.C. Newman, the Black Lips, Braids React to Vancouver's Hockey Riots

A.C. Newman, the Black Lips, Braids React to Vancouver's Hockey Riots
As you likely witnessed on the news, Vancouver was engulfed in riots last night (June 15) following the Canucks' loss to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals. There were cars overturned and set on fire, fights everywhere, and the police out in full riot gear.

Of course, Canada's musicians had plenty to say about the senseless violence that was taking place. Here at Exclaim!, we've collected an assortment of quotes from bands and songwriters addressing the rioting in Vancouver. Some of our favourites are below.

Babe Rainbow (Cameron Reed): "Your mother and I are very disappointed in you, rioters." [via Twitter]

The Black Lips: "Dude Vancouver is fucked right now" [via Twitter]

Braids: "vancouver: where is batman?" [via Twitter]

Louise Burns: "Dum dums rioting. You don't even live here, go home." [via Twitter]

Matthew Good: "While what unfolded that night disgraced the city, and revealed it to be far more a backwater fishing village that a world class city, what is currently transpiring on the streets of Vancouver is set to do far more damage to the city's reputation. And that's the hard, cold, truth of it, no matter how cosmopolitan you believe this city to now be. If the Olympics succeeded in charming the pants off the world, that warm, fuzzy feeling has now been decimated." [via MatthewGood.org]

Grant Lawrence: "I implore everyone filming and taking photos of downtown Vancouver to go home." [via Twitter]

Mother Mother: "Hey Vancouver, relax. #TRYthesePOSES http://ow.ly/i/d0X3" [via Twitter]

The Mountains and Trees (Jon Janes): "It may not be home to the Stanley Cup, but it's making a case for the home of the next G8 Summit... #yvr" [via Twitter]

A.C. Newman: "Are you kidding? Another riot in downtown Vancouver? And who is rioting? Assholes from the suburbs." [via Twitter]

PS I Love You: "I hope that was #Marchand's car they blew up #Canucks" [via Twitter]

Said the Whale: "An embarrassing loss, and an embarrassing reaction from some sore-losing fans. This is not representative of our city, and we are ashamed." [via Twitter]

Teen Daze: "Dudes shouting, 'I'm on TV!' in the midst of a riot, are just about the dumbest idiots I have ever seen." [via Twitter]

Yukon Blonde: "Riots aren't cool." [via Twitter]

The Zolas: "This is a sunset we don't deserve." [via Twitter]