@c Music for Empty Spaces

The empty spaces this electro-acoustic work is designed for would have to be pretty darned desolate to accommodate the flurry of activity on this fascinating disc. Artist/musician/stage designer Pedro Tudela and communication designer/musician Miguel Carvalhais have been creating together for ten years and their rapport shows. Music for Empty Spaces is a seven-movement work that exceeds the minimalist implications of its title by a wide margin. The movements are bristling with, well, movement. Recordings made in Nagoya, Glasgow, Lisbon, Paris and elsewhere find their way into this mysterious sonic diary. Found sounds, percussion instruments, bird songs, electronic sibilances and eerie, long, hard-to-identify hums all follow one another or coexist in hallucinatory soundscapes of breathtaking breadth and diversity. Track transitions ― no silences/gaps ― are startling and unexpected. The empty spaces Tudela and Carvalhais imagine are teeming with life and activity. Recommended. (Baskaru)