Buzzing Bees You'll Wish You Were Deaf

It’s a shame that the actual songs on You’ll Wish You Were Deaf aren’t quite as good as their titles on this, the Buzzing Bees debut full-length. Take the song "Sorry, I’m Deaf in Both Ears: Please Talk to My Shovel.” Brilliant title. Second only to the best one: "Bite the Curb — It’s Vegan, I Swear.” If there’s a funnier emo band in existence, I have yet to meet their greasy-haired selves. Now, it would be extremely difficult to write music that is ingenious enough to live up to such fantastic titles. The Buzzing Bees don’t quite make that bar, but what they do offer up is not too shabby on its own. Playing the kind of emo that seems to have died along with Braid and Cap’n Jazz, these Bees certainly owe a debt of gratitude to those bands. Meandering, noodling guitar work, strangely romantic and obtuse lyrics, and that tried and true quiet/loud song structure all feature prominently on You’ll Wish You Were Deaf. With some incredibly strong musical moments featured throughout this disc, such as on the standout track "Mother Nature: The Old Person Microwave,” it seems very likely that in a few years time, the Buzzing Bees could very well be writing songs that meet — or even exceed — their tremendous title-writing ability. (Mockingbird)