Buy Low, Sell High: Vinyl Records Get Their Own Stock Market

Buy Low, Sell High: Vinyl Records Get Their Own Stock Market
As with any collectables, the world of vinyl is full of flippers who buy and sell releases based on shifting prices. Now, those people have their very own stock exchange thanks to the Vinyl Marketwatch.

The site was built by the Red Bull Music Academy in collaboration with Discogs, who describe it as a "collaborative ongoing experiment." The site crunches numbers based on the 250 most wanted records in different genres, then compares that data with the median price that items are sold for.

For example, as of press time the price of Tech House records is down 80 cents while New Age records are trading at an average of $36.73, down only three cents. Developed to look like a traditional stock market site, it includes a ticker, some graphs and even a stock analyst who delivers video reports on vinyl prices.

Lest you think Discogs and RBMA are intentionally providing a tool for price gaugers and record vultures, they added a disclaimer to their site. "Also note, as passionate music buyers ourselves, this site most definitely does not endorse speculative vinyl collector culture," they wrote. "This site is in fact a parody of that sorry state of affairs, and should be used for entertainment and general data purposes only."

Whatever, guys. We're going to use this thing to become Gordon Gekko-style Wall Street millionaires. Greed is good.