Butta Babees Presents Manchilde "Baby Mother"/"Science"

With their Urban Eloquent full-length on the horizon, Montreal's Butta Babees (Manchilde, Ziplocks and Marc Bider) illustrate their intelligent and versatile stance on this single. "Baby Mother" is a heartfelt ode delivered by Manchilde over a bare rhythm dedicated to struggling single mothers, which also laments the commonality of the situation. "You heard the story before," is the rueful refrain. Lightening things up somewhat is the melodic beat of "Science," which should have no problems getting your head nodding. Manchilde jumps on the beat lyrically serving a firm statement of purpose and a free seminar for fledgling artists on how not to get jerked. Rounding things out is a furious freestyle, "Ill Groove Garden Live," presumably lifted from the radio show of the same name the group hosts Sunday nights on CKUT. Manchilde's brother Sekou Toure and Toronto's Motion join the cipher for a spontaneous session providing a balance to the equally stimulating reflective content. (Independent)