Busy P Hates On Tron Remix Album

Busy P Hates On <i>Tron</i> Remix Album
Earlier this month, we reported that M83, Moby, Boys Noize, the Crystal Method and Paul Oakenfold were among the artists tapped to remix Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy score on a new album called Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D. Now, former Daft Punk manager and Ed Banger label-head Busy P wants everyone to know that he thinks the album is a terrible idea.

On his blog, P laid into the Disney execs for the project with the following statement [via The Daily Swarm]:

Dear Disney people,
You know i love you (we all do)
But Walt! Come on! How can you take my robots friends so far away from good taste ?
I am 100% sure the Daft boys were not involved in this side (sad) porject [sic]

Of course some of it is nice, and you know there are some of my friends on this CD. But this is not enough!
A masterpiece like TRON soundtrack deserved the best and I am sad to discover the A&R at Disney records is apparently buying most of his electronic music in airports stores...

Rather than diss the release without offering a better alternative, Busy P used this opportunity to post an unreleased Tron remix from his Belgian friends GOOSE. Their remix of "Son of Flynn" is available to stream below.

If you still want to hear Paul Oakenfold's Eurotrash rework of "C.L.U.", Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D will be released on April 5 via Walt Disney Records.