Busy P Clarifies Daft Punk Remix Diss

Busy P Clarifies Daft Punk Remix Diss
Back on Monday (March 21), former Daft Punk manager and Ed Banger label head Busy P had some less than kind words for the Disney execs who pieced together the Tron: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D remix album, saying he was "sad to discover the A&R at Disney records is apparently buying most of his electronic music in airports stores." Now, P has clarified his position a little, going as far as offering better choices for Tron remixes.

Here's the latest statement as it originally appears on P's blog:

Hello Walt,

It's me again!

To clarify my previous post, it seems no one really understood.

Yes, Boys Noize, The Glitch Mob, M83 and Photek did a pretty good job, you see, i'm positive!
Not sure I want to speak about the others, I quit doing reviews for Busy Pitchfork long time ago.
By the way, funny how none of the mainstream medias (NME, Pitchfork, etc..) did not even react...
They just re-post my fun comments about your funny new CD. None of them speak about the music!
I am not a bad person, so here is a list of 20 (i can give more) remixers you should have called.
I don't charge, maybe you can pay me with a lifetime pass at Eurodisney, Deal ?


Carl Craig



Dam Funk

DMX Krew

Etienne Jaumet


Hudson Mohawke


Jeff Mills



Marc Houle


Para One

Ritchie Hawtin




PS#1 The list is coming out my head, no brainstorm, just people I feel, something to match with Tron and also a very personal dream to see the Daft boys gang banging with those artists.

PS#2 Of course I can't promise you will sell millions of CDs with those cats, but hey it worth trying.

PS#3 I love internet for this : Wendy Carlos — DJ, Water, Music And TRONaction (Joakim Remix)

Last but not least, I reckon I have no clue if Daft Punk is involved or not in this remix adventure, i was just guessing...

From this response, we can glean that Busy P is not very good at giving compliments, having called his friends' remixes only "pretty good." We've also learned that he has impeccable taste, as anyone who puts Madlib and Richie Hawtin in the same list would. If you ask us, Ed Banger should compile their own Daft Punk remix album.