Busta Rhymes The Big Bang

When you think back throughout the years, it’s quite impressive the number of notable, big name hip-hop records that have had — as a finishing touch — at least a verse from the seemingly indelible Busta Rhymes. Yet, despite all of the unconditional love and respect he’s earned since his early days with Leaders of the New School, getting any more than a few solid cuts on a record from this man in recent years has been nearly impossible. With The Big Bang, however, one of the most easily recognisable forces in hip-hop shows why all the hot MCs keep ringing him up, turning in his most complete work since 1996’s The Coming. The goodness all starts with the production, with Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats, Green Lantern and Timbaland all turning up to steer this project in the right direction. With dope beats in place, an inspired Busta delivers rhymes of substance, dicing it up with Q-Tip over J. Dilla’s reworked "Inside My Love” sample on "You Can’t Hold the Torch,” and recounting his life tale with Stevie Wonder’s assistance on "Been through the Storm.” With supporters like Raekwon, Nas, and even the late Rick James (via sample) in tow, Busta manages to appease the clubs, the thugs, and even jaded past supporters — and he only had to lose his dreads to make it happen. (Aftermath)