Bury Tomorrow Portraits

On their debut album, Portraits, five-piece UK metalcore band Bury Tomorrow deliver an honest effort to forge a unique sound, but end up being confined by the genre's generic walls. Although they don't offer anything new, and often times come off as formulaic, Bury Tomorrow are tight, with wicked musicianship. Guitarist/back-up vocalist James Cameron gives the band a sincere element, with his appeasing, melodic vocals and slashing guitar riffs. Offsetting Cameron's sweetness is lead vocalists Dani Winter Bates's husky, attention-demanding growl. Although full of expected and fun mosh moments, what separates Bury Tomorrow from the typical metalcore crowd is their mature, detailed lyrics. The album itself is named after an Oscar Wilde story and their songs are written with very picturesque lyrics. Top tracks include "Repair the Lining" and "Breathe on Glass," by far the album's toughest and fastest tune. (Artery)