Burns Sisters Out of the Blue

There is a family based out of Ithaca, New York who are 14 members strong. If that wasn't accomplishment enough, each family member is superbly talented in one way or another. Their unique brand of homespun harmonies combined with their earthy, ethereal repertoire has a truly intoxicating effect that underlines the beauty of the human voice as it redefines the ability of harmonising to lift the spirit and transcend these mortal coils. Annie, Marie and Jeannie were born to sing as one. Their "Prayer Of St. Francis" is simply one of the most beautiful vocalisations ever committed to disc and, from there, they weave various spells, individually and as a team, drawing from a diverse catalogue of material that reflects the individuality of each sister. Annie's "God Made Woman" is a classic country hit waiting to happen, and a modern mantra for womankind. "Out of the Blue" and "Wish I Never Met You" are near-perfect pop pieces that underline Marie's uncanny ability to blend folk with elements of country and gospel into something enchanting. Annie's "The One That Got Away" is also pure pop that launches a shiver down your back as their patented harmonics take flight. "Two Step Recipe" is a Cajun romp that demonstrates their uncommon flexibility and range while Jimmy LaFave's "Never Be Mine" (Jeannie duetting with Jimmy) depicts their more soulful side. Beautiful voices capable of pure seduction on a grand scale await your discovery. It just doesn't get any sweeter than this, this side of heaven. (Philo)