Burning Star Core The Very Heart of the World

Multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic drone visionary C. Spencer Yeh has been operating as Burning Start Core (BXC, for short) in his hometown of Cincinnati since 1993. During this time he’s released a slew of CD-Rs, cassettes and other limited editions. Hot on the heels of their recent collaboration with Comets on Fire, The Very Heart of the World is BXC’s second widely available album and it features such luminary contributors as all three members of noise stallions Hair Police and ex-Apples in Stereo and current Von Hemmling member Jim McIntyre, amongst other extremely underground folk. The Very Heart’s four tracks pummel listeners into blissful submission with their intensely psychedelic free-drone build-ups and brimstone subsiding. "Catapults” layers blowing clarinet and trumpet overtop epically droning organ, guitar, violin (Yeh’s specialty) and ever-present percussion. "Nyarlathotep” briefly breaks the album’s mode and actually approaches Matmos territory with its squishy splice collage experimentation. But it’s all about "Come Back Through Me,” the 14-minute psych-noise throwback that brings The Very Heart to a stunning close, but not before it drills a hole through your mind and fills it with enlightened sounds reminiscent of the spiritualised lives of the ancients. (Thin Wrist)