Burning Love Robbed in Philadelphia

Burning Love Robbed in Philadelphia
In 2008, the career of long-running Canadian heavy music mongers Cursed came to an abrupt end after they were robbed while touring Europe. Out of those ashes rose Burning Love, a rockier hardcore project from Chris Colohan and four new collaborators. Currently on tour for their recent Songs for Burning Lovers LP, Burning Love relived some of Colohan's bad memories when they were robbed in Philadelphia last weekend.

 En route to their July 6 show in Philadelphia, Burning Love were resting in a West Philadelphia hotel room when their van window was smashed and many of their belongings were stolen. While they did have some good humour on their blog post ("There's gonna be TONS of room in here now!"), the sheer amount of gear stolen must be a major blow for the band.

Here's a complete list of the equipment that was stolen:

Black Drum Seeker hardware bag
-DW 5000 kick pedal
-Gibraltar heavy duty straight cymbal stand
-Gibraltar rack tom mount/clamp
-Gibraltar snare stand
-Yamaha boom stand
-Yamaha straight cymbal stand
-Yamaha hi-hat stand
-3 Gibraltar floor tom legs

White Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom
1960 Marshall 4x12 Speaker Cabinet
Black Box w/
-Boss TU-2 Chromatic tuner
-MXR Gain Boost Pedal
-Red Wah Pedal
-Boss Digital Delay Pedal
-Pro Co. Ratt Pedal

White Fender Jaguar Bass (MIJ)
Green Bullet Box w/
-patch chords
-Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
-Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Black 1976 USA Fender Telecaster Deluxe
Marshall 4x12 Slant Speaker Cabinet (one of the speakers has a white patch job on it very small on the cone)
- Boss Blues Driver BD-2
- Heavy Metal HM-2
- Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2

While Burning Love work with Philadelphia police to see if there's anything they can do about finding the equipment, the band are asking fans to pass on the list of missing gear in the possibility that it might turn up. Along with their Philadelphia shows, Burning Love were scheduled to play in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto as part of their tour with Coliseum.